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Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Zoroastrian’s Museum Fundless to Buy Historical Letters Letters written 150 years ago by a Zoroastrian merchant from his commercial firm in Bombay to Iran during the Qajar dynasty have been offered to Zoroastrians’ Anthropology Museum in Kerman Province, but it could not afford it and the seller is not willing to sell them the National Document Archives.
These notes and letters, mostly dealing with his trade accounts, are sent by Mullah Bagher Goshtasb to his relatives living in Kerman. “Since the Zoroastrians’ museum has not enough funds to buy them, we proposed to buy their photocopied versions for equivalent of $120, but the seller turned it down,” said Mehran Gheibi, director of the poorly-funded museum. “The letters are presumed to have been written during the reign of Naserul-Din Shah (1848-96).”
Along with Judaism and Christianity, Zoroastrianism is a recognized — and therefore permitted — religion in Iran, where officially 99 percent of the 66 million-strong population are Muslims.  
Thursday, January 29, 2004

While the Iraq-obsessed world media has already turn a blind eye to last year’s forsaken battlegrounds, at least in Cannes, Afghanistan remains in the headlines with Samira Makhmalbaf’s At Five in the Afternoon. Overcrowded press screenings were a telltale sign of weary, or perhaps guilt-stricken, media reps making up for the scant reception accorded to Samira Makhmalbaf pére’s foreboding Kandahar in May 2001, when reactions to the movie were summed up by the question “Why a movie about such an insignificant subject as Afghanistan?” Luckily undaunted, the Makhmalbaf Film House revisits a favorite subject and delivers a wrenching muted drama about generational clashes in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Taliban demise. “The difference between Kandahar and this film,” Makhmalbaf says, “is that before September 11, Kandahar was a film about a forgotten country. This film tries to correct the information we have received since.”

Inspired by Makhmalbaf senior’s Afghan refugee drama The Cyclist, At Five in the Afternoon was shot in Afghanistan in the Fall 2002 and features a cast of mostly non-professionals hand-picked by the 23-year-old Malhmalbaf on the streets of Kabul. It portrays a country only on the surface released from the grip of an oppressive regime where hostilities, far from being concluded, are in fact flaring up along cultural and gender divides, fueled by the deeply entrenched mentality that initially gave rise to the Taliban. “The cliché is that America came and rescued Afghanistan from the Taliban,” said Ms. Makhmalbaf at a well-attended and – inevitably – politically-charged press conference after the screening. “But when I went there I saw that it was different. I wanted to talk about the mystery of Afghanistan: the hidden war between past and present generations and the heavy shadow that men still cast over women.”

Makhmalbaf’s At Five in the Afternoon focuses on Noqreh (Agheleh Rezaie), who attends a newly opened girls school in Kabul unbeknownst to her bigoted father who everyday drops her off at a girls’ religious school. Her dream is to become president and her ruby slippers in a world where women are expected to “stay at home and have children” are a pair of white pumps she dons under her burqa when she scuttles out of the girls’ madrassa to go to school. Noqreh clicks her heels in the street – a sin under the Taliban – and in the cavernous ruins of Darulaman, the Royal palace where she found shelter with her family and where she walks up and down the dilapidated halls fancying herself a premier in review of her troop.

In her quest to discover how one becomes president, she befriends a young poet who brings her a speech by Mr. Karzai and teases her about wanting a post in her government.

written by A. G. Basoli 
Monday, January 19, 2004

2 hrs. 06 min. Massoud Amir Behrani (Kingsley) is living a lie to
fulfill a dream. Once a member of the Shah of Iran's elite inner
circle, he has brought his family to America to build a new life.
Despite a pretense of continued affluence, he is barely making
ends meet until he sees his opportunity in the auction of a house
being sold for back taxes. It is a terrible mistake. Through a
bureaucratic snafu, the house has been improperly seized from
its rightful owner, Kathly Lazaro (Connelly). The loss of her home
tears away her last hope of a stable life - a life nearly destroyed
by addiction - and Kathy decides to fight to recover her home...
at any cost.
Release Date: December 19th, 2003 (LA/NY).
MPAA Rating: R for some violence/disturbing images, language
and a scene of sexuality.
Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures

Cast and Credits

Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley, Ron Eldard, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Kim Dickens
Directed by: Vadim Perelman
Produced by: Michael London, Vadim Perelman
Thursday, January 01, 2004

Moshe Katsav
(B. 5/12/1945)
Biographical Information
Place of Birth: Iran
Immigrated to Israel: 1951
Profession: Economist, Educator
Languages: Hebrew, English, Persian & Arabic

B.A., Economics & History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Military Service:
Corporal in the Communications Corps

Public Activities:
Former Mayor of Kiryat Malachi
Chairman of the Presidium of 15th Conference of Herut Movement
President of Young B’nei B’rith in Kiryat Malachi
Chairman of the Gahal Party Student Group at the Hebrew University
Member of the Knesset Delegation to the European Parliament
Member of the Board of Trustees of Ben-Gurion University
Chairman of the Umbrella Organization of Immigrants from Iran in Israel
Journalist in "Yedi'ot Aharonot" Newspaper
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, University of Nebraska, USA
Eighth President of the State of Israel (from 2000)

Newspaper articles

Political History in the Knesset
Member of Knessets: 9,10,11,12,13 - Likud; 14 - Likud Gesher Tzomet; 15 - Likud;
Functions in the Ninth Knesset:
Member, Internal Affairs and Environment Committee; Education and Culture Committee;
Functions in the Twelfth Knesset:
Member, Ministerial Committee for Defense
Functions in the Thirteenth Knesset:
Chairman, Likud Parliamentary Group
Chairman, China-Israel Parliamentary Friendship League
Functions in the Fourteenth Knesset:
Member, Ministerial Committee for Defense
Chairman, Ministerial Committee for Ceremonies
Functions in the Fifteenth Knesset:
Member, Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee;

Roles in the Government
Functions in the Tenth Knesset:
19th Government: From 11/8/1981, Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction
20th Government: Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction
Functions in the Eleventh Knesset:
21st Government: Minister of Labor and Social Welfare
22nd Government: Minister of Labor and Social Welfare
Functions in the Twelfth Knesset:
23rd Government: Minister of Transportation
24th Government: Minister of Transportation
Functions in the Fourteenth Knesset:
27th Government: Deputy Prime Minister
27th Government: Minister of Tourism
27th Government: Minister

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Bam and the surrounding area is home to more than 200,000 people.
Most of the destroyed structures were made of mudbrick or ordinary bricks which collapsed in a heap, leaving no protected spaces where people might survive.
Work has barely begun on the ruins of Bam's historic citadel, a 2,000-year-old architectural marvel with a big medieval city clustered around it.
The whole enormous site has been reduced to a sea of dust and rubble. Nobody knows how many people may lie buried here, our correspondent says.
Friday's quake had a magnitude of at least 6.3, according to Iranian sources. The US Geological Survey measured it at 6.7.
Bam - about 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) south-east of Tehran - was on the Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites.
Iran suffers frequent earthquakes, with small tremors happening almost daily. In one earthquake in 1990, around 40,000 people died.
Wednesday, November 19, 2003

about 30 years ago we had surprising that man
who named ayatullah khumaini turned inside out
to a revolutionist.heloo who anybody that knew
this guy before that?no; I said no.please excuse
me for judgment but it's possible when everybody
agree me!?
you never remeber bofore this dark revolution
like me but about thirty years later it was a
party for european government that was invited
president of united states.they told journalist
that it was a economic party but after many years
mitran that was president of france wrote in his
reminiscent book that in that party they decided
to fire king muhammed reza pahlavi and come new
government so they did and iran became salve for
great britain and QUEEN before was for unites time for QUEEN is finished and become
to united states again.
today president arrived to London to visit prime
minister tony blair and also QuEEN!so persian guy
please be ready to be killed for iran and they named
you SHAHID. 
Friday, October 31, 2003
president mohammad khatami here on last friday
reitrated that the international atomic energy
agency's board of governors' anti-iran resoloution
is unfair.
"this resoloution has technical and legal problems.
althrough we are dissatisfied with this rsoloution,
we have no desire to reduce our level of cooperation
with IAEA"khatami told a press conference on last day
of the organisation of islamic conference(OIC) summit.
and now look this photo!
it's a persian guy that telling everything about his land!

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