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Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Zoroastrian’s Museum Fundless to Buy Historical Letters Letters written 150 years ago by a Zoroastrian merchant from his commercial firm in Bombay to Iran during the Qajar dynasty have been offered to Zoroastrians’ Anthropology Museum in Kerman Province, but it could not afford it and the seller is not willing to sell them the National Document Archives.
These notes and letters, mostly dealing with his trade accounts, are sent by Mullah Bagher Goshtasb to his relatives living in Kerman. “Since the Zoroastrians’ museum has not enough funds to buy them, we proposed to buy their photocopied versions for equivalent of $120, but the seller turned it down,” said Mehran Gheibi, director of the poorly-funded museum. “The letters are presumed to have been written during the reign of Naserul-Din Shah (1848-96).”
Along with Judaism and Christianity, Zoroastrianism is a recognized — and therefore permitted — religion in Iran, where officially 99 percent of the 66 million-strong population are Muslims.  
it's a persian guy that telling everything about his land!

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